Starting off from Eleftherios Venizelos airport, drive all the way through 'Attiki Odos' and follow the signs for Corinth. Take the national highway of Corinth and continue straight on and follow the signs for Tripoli, always staying on the New National road. After passing Tripoli, follow the signs towards Sparta. Continue towards Sparta. When you arrive in Sparta, follow the signs for Gythio. From Gythio, continue towards Aeropoli. When you arrive in Aeropoli, follow the signs towards Itilo. Between Aeropoli and Itilo, after you drive past the centre of the bay, take a turn of the main road at ' Γ Karavostasi - 3rd Karavostasi exit'.

Starting from Patras, take the National road towards Pyrgos. From Pyrgos, continue south. When you arrive near Kalo Nero, turn towards Kalo Nero and follow the signs for Kalamata. From Kalamata, Itilo is only 70km. Follow the signs for Aeropoli. Before arriving in Aeropoli, you will see signs for Itilo. 

If by chance, you run into any difficulties getting there, write down the telephone numbers and contact the very helpful owner directly.

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